There is something with swimming...which I simply don't experience with any other sports.

Working out at the Gym is pretty much about what the name indicates: work. No real fun involved -except perhaps sometimes when practiced in tandem. Running is not very fun either, but at least one can enjoy the landscape and after a while a kind of meditation can take place -like a discourse between mental and physical abilities- which is really great. But only by swimming do I entirely switch off from a day of work.

This is because suddenly and for an hour or so, I don't operate in the same element anymore. Sounds have this strange distortion caused by their propagation in the liquid medium, light is diffracted, water exerts more pressure on my skin, but my weight is reduced and my balance modified -these all conspire to reset the cognitive machinery. I always come out of swimming with an open mind and clear thoughts.

Ok, off to the swimming pool! By the way, I'd like to try an endless one some day.


  1. Note intéressante qui valait le coup d'être lu presque après deux ans de publications. Comme quoi c'est toujours sympa de tomber dessus après ce temps. J'aime ce lien fait entre la simplicité (comme la piscine) et la science comme tu as fait sur ta dernière note sur le bébé.

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  3. Thanks, entre amateurs de piscine on se comprend : )
    (au fait ton blog n'a pas l'air de vouloir prendre mes commentaires pour les anciens posts comme celui des petits mouchoirs. Bon petit film d'ailleurs)

  4. si si c'est bon j'ai bien reçu le commentaire. je l'ai même reçu trois fois lol! Je pense qu'il faut un petit temps d'adaptation.