Great inventions #1 -the fireplace

And I don't mean fire, mind you, but literally the fireplace. And please spare me the gospel about how it was the discovery of fire that really started out technology. Fire might have started technology, but I contend fireplaces started civilization!


 Taming such a useful element and forcing it to be part of the house, just another place in one's home...that was genius. From this moment on and for centuries, the fireplace has been radiating heat and light throughout dark and cold nights in every home that deserves this name. It is only in our hopelessly sophisticated times that people --including yours truly- accept this miserable thing that is the absence of a fireplace.

People all around the world, brace yourself, it is time to rebel. You  lucky souls with an unused chimney, can you try and find the strength to stand up and sweep it! And fetch twigs, branches and logs! The rest of us, poor beggars, let us tear our radiators out, let us find another place where we can watch the dancing flames again, and warm our hearts at the sound of softly creaking wood!

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  1. hey, i have a fireplace in my bedroom, unused and condemned, a crying shame. Like you, i dream of a fireplace in the living-room...one day maybe!