Beauty and design

Simple idea, great execution.

Also, breathtaking pictures from National Geographic, very nice to look at while listening for instance to Portishead.

(Via Webdesigner depot, where one can find all kinds of interesting things. Here a wonderful pencil sculpture by Jennifer Maestre)

Inspired by all this beauty, my wife and I went on to pull the best late brunch/tea time together EVER !


  1. Do i detect canelec shaped gingerbreads? Lucky you!
    Come to Bordeaux, both of you, and i'll treat you to a high-class brunch, french-english american! (provided you give my son his milk bottle while i'm in the kitchen...
    Can i put a link to your blog on my blog?

  2. Well, you have an eye for all things canelé-ed!
    of course Emilie, I would be pleased.