*painful post alert* - the Falun Gong genocide

You're peacefully enjoying your first coffee of the day close to place de la Bastille in Paris. Engaging in idle chit-chat with the waitress, anticipating a very nice and surprisingly warm WE. This is when the trumpets and drums kick in.

Shortly after, a hundred asian people in white uniforms have filled the boulevard. At first you smile, because it seems like a happy procession or something, and they smile too. Then you notice the determined looks, and the second wave comes in with signs and banners. This is not just another procession, it is a hopeful march of protest, a call for help:

"stop the Falun-Gong genocide"
"chinese communist party = 80 000 000 deaths"

Like many, I had heard of Falun Gong before (a.k.a. Falun Dafa), and they had my sympathy. Whether Falun Dafa is or is not a cult is utterly irrelevant. These people are emprisonned and tortured all over china for decades for their beliefs.

The chinese communist party is truly a disgrace to the human race. It has become perhaps the most violent religion ever, overtly murderous and crushing any opposition without any kind of shame. They kill people by thousands while buying the Olympic games from us, with a smile.

But I had never investigated this more deeply -and I hadn't been handed the flier. here's a (heavy) pdf version very much like the one I hold.

As you can see, some aspects of Falun Gong leave us with a bit of a mystical taste, but otherwise this appears to be mostly a harmless set of practical exercises for inner development, with some more or less deep spiritual theory behind. Here Falun Gong is described as a spiritual practice without worship or rituals, which encourages authentical thought, good-willingness and tolerance.

But, prepare yourself for page three.

 "nullius in verba", take no one's word for it, so check the veracity of their claims. But this looks to me like a pretty serious investigation. If they are right, then we should all take at least one minute to do something, now. I suggest to start here.

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