First days

It was in Paris that you started dividing, again and again, harnessing the power of exponentials. It is the way of our species, and you are the heir to the highest form of life on the planet. Your mother first felt what the pregnancy tests were later to confirm, what we had wished for in many of our dreams. 

From this moment on we marveled over you, at our friends’ place in Washington, our eyes peering beyond a windowless room to catch a glimpse of a future with you, in New-York, as your laughter reached back at us from the steep slopes of time and met playfully with the sounds of the city. In snow-coated Paris, in proud Marseille. Daydreams and smiling absences, brushing out fears, speculating happily at coffee tables. These were the first days of your life as we lived through them. Already you had all our hearts, and we had yet to meet you..

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